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Airflow Teeth Stain Removal

Hart Dental uses one of the most advanced technologies to remove tough stains from your teeth. Comfortable, safe and effective, Airflow stain removal restores your teeth to their natural whiteness, under the supervision of our highly skilled hygienists. 

What is Airflow teeth stain removal?

A jet of air combined with water and sodium bicarbonate is gently sprayed on your teeth, efficiently removing unwanted blemishes, stains and discolouring.

What can I expect?

Clean, glisteningly white teeth! A preventative and stain removal procedure, our highly trained hygienists will ensure that this non-invasive procedure gives you the results you want, all in the familiar surroundings of our Fleet based Dental Clinic in the heart of Hampshire. What’s great is that the results are instant- get out of the chair, look in the mirror and smile!

To find out more about our Airflow Teeth Stain Removal call us on 01252 811536 and learn more, or arrange an initial consultation at our Hampshire based dental Clinic, Hart Dental.

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